The solution for remote access and support

The Teamviewer alternative that gives you remote access to Windows, Apple and Linux.

1) You choose a subscription type for all users. You cannot create more than the stated number of users for your company.
2) A channel is an installed Sygma Connect with a logged in user.
3) When you operate another PC/server/device, 1 channel is counted for it.
4) A registered device is a device that is waiting for a connection.

Licenses for the home worker and occasional remote support

Sygma Connect
Remote support software that makes it easy to provide remote support. Use it on servers and workstations with Windows, MacOS and Linux. Easily manage your servers from an address book. Secure authentication by exchanging keys.

The connections run over Dutch servers when you order from Tuxis.

Easy installation

With just a few simple steps, you can connect to remote PCs or servers for support.

European technology

European technology

Italian software and hosted in the Netherlands. After all, the information on your screen can be sensitive.

Remote work with 1 click.

Thanks to the address book, you can take over a server or workstation with 1 click. Handy when you need to manage many servers, for example. But also for quick access to workstations that you need to support.

Suitable for all platforms

Install it on Windows, MacOS or Linux and take over the desktop as if you were sitting right behind the screen.

Economical solution

The only remote support solution that works well, is easy to use and is affordable.


Screen capture

Looking back at what you did at that remote location? Keep an eye out? Prevent abuse? Record sessions and store them in the cloud.

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