Kerio Connect

  • Email, calendar, tasks, contacts and chat
  • Via browser and on mobile
  • With Outlook integration
  • For Windows and Mac
  • Easy to manage
  • Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus
  • Both on-prem and Cloud
  • Centrally manageable via My Kerio

The most complete easy-to-manage email solution

Kerio Connect is a very stable solution for your e-mail. You can host it yourself or purchase it as a cloud service. No external anti-virus and anti-spam solutions are needed, which of course saves money. And don’t forget the seamless integration with mobile, Windows and Mac.

Rick Hendriksen

Commercial assistant, Tuxis BV


Kerio Connect

Email, calendar, chat and more for less

  • Kerio Connect makes it possible to collaborate with your email, address books, calendars and notes.
  • Email is integrated with shared calendars and scheduling, contact management, tasks and notes.
  • Public folders make information available to your entire organization.
  • Sync messages with your mobile and mac using Microsoft ActiveSync ®
  • The chat is XMPP compatible and can therefore be used with almost all chat software on computer and mobile

Easy to deploy, manage and use

  • You can install Kerio Connect in 10 minutes and users can start using it right away.
  • It can be rolled out on your own environment and is available as a ready-to-use cloud service via Kerio in the Cloud
  • Roll it out for Mac, Windows and Linux users. Full support for Outlook on Windows and Mac and all open communication protocols such as IMAP, CalDAV and CarDAV.
  • With the support of Exchange Active Sync, setting up mobile devices is easy. Add the account and sync email, calendar, tasks, and contacts.
  • Manage Kerio Connect via your browser or tablet and get notifications on your smartphone or smartwatch.
Kerio Connect
Kerio Connect

Enforced security. Protected against viruses and spam

  • You are protected against hacking and malicious attacks with SSL encryption, S / MIME
  • SSL can be enforced so users don’t accidentally leak their data
  • Built-in anti-spam and anti-virus tools to keep your email clean and without the need for external services
  • Automated backup with granular recovery options ensures quick and easy recovery from disasters of all kinds
  • Server-wide archiving prevents data loss and helps organizations meet legal email retention requirements
  • Comprehensive logging makes troubleshooting easy and ensures you know exactly what’s happening on your server