Kerio Control Firewall

  • Detects threats
  • Blocks viruses
  • Controls application access
  • Manages bandwidth and QoS
  • Is a VPN concentrator
  • Provides insight into internet usage of connected devices
  • Also as a virtual appliance

The most complete easy-to-manage firewall solution

The functionality of all Kerio Control solutions is the same. We use a virtual appliance in the data center and a hardware appliance in the office. With a few clicks we build a VPN and everything is immediately secured. Management is done centrally via a cloud portal.

Ronald Otto

Managing Director, Tuxis BV


You will always get support from the staff of Tuxis. Tuxis is a Gold partner and delivers Kerio products in the Benelux since 2009 and introduced KerioIntheCloud in 2009!

Setting KerioControl firewall rules

Your firewall + router so that you are securely connected to the internet

  • Configure your firewall with easy-to-use traffic rules, managing inbound and outbound communications by URL, application, traffic type, and more
  • Intrusion detection and prevention using the Snort system continuously monitors incoming and outgoing network communications for suspicious activity. Log or block communication depending on the severity,
  • Prevent viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware from entering your network. Kerio Control goes beyond just checking files for malicious code; it scans your network traffic for possible attacks

Manage your bandwidth and monitor quality

  • Prioritize and monitor network traffic to ensure fast transmission for your key traffic types. Limit lower-priority traffic by setting a bandwidth maximum or guarantee high-priority traffic by assigning minimum thresholds
  • Distribute internet traffic across multiple links with Internet Link load balancing, which automatically disables and re-enables links to ensure continuous internet access
  • Protect your network from bandwidth-intensive web and application traffic, such as streaming video or by blocking peer-to-peer networks
  • Control or block access to 100+ continuously updated categories of content and applications with the optional Kerio Control Web Filter with application awareness
Monitor bandwidth with QoS
Set up a VPN between two Kerio Control Firewalls

Connect branches and let employees connect securely via a VPN

  • Quickly and easily set up a VPN between 2 or more Kerio Control firewalls and link locations together
  • With the VPN client for Windows, Mac and Linux, users quickly and securely set up a VPN to the office
  • Route traffic from home workers through the Kerio Control firewall
  • Need remote access to a network? Place an NG110 on location and have it set up a VPN

Easy to deploy and manage

  • You can send a new firewall to the desired location, have it equipped with internet and then you can configure it completely remotely.
  • Via My Kerio you can centrally manage and monitor all Kerio software. You will receive notifications in an App or on your Apple Watch in case of problems.
  • The interface of all Kerio products has the same layout. That saves searching.
  • The excellent support in the Netherlands ensures that you are quickly helped in case of problems by people with knowledge.
Manage all firewalls centrally from 1 portal