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At Tuxis, we have only one goal: to develop a high-quality infrastructure that meets the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Because we can realize this, we use proven solutions that our customers may also be able to deploy themselves. This is how our new web shop ICT goods was created. Customers can see what we use and improve their own solutions and provide the same functionality.




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IT goods

Ronald Otto

Managing Director

My passion is helping ambitious companies to set up a future-proof infrastructure and sharing knowledge with the next generation. The future of your company is always discussed during a meeting.

My vision: A platform that achieves 100% availability, can scale seamlessly without interruption and gives you a much higher return than the mainstream solutions.

That’s where the challenge started. Both Mark Schouten and I have both been working with cloud infrastructure from the moment it exists. In a short time we had a product and a team of people with whom we could immediately deliver that return. So that makes me happy and it gives me the means to help our customers well.

In terms of knowledge sharing, I founded the CoderDojo in Ede together with a friend. Children from 7 to 17 years old can learn programming there. I also give guest lectures in secondary education. You notice that the influence of supplier-specific solutions is very present. Students know perfectly how that one solution from supplier x works, but do not learn that there are better solutions, or how it actually works. I am happy to help them with that.

The latter obviously also applies to companies and that is why you can always invite me to meet and share knowledge.

IT goods

Mark Schouten

Technical Director

In 2010 I started Tuxis Internet Engineering with the idea that things could be done differently; flexible yet good, good yet affordable, affordable yet professional. This has now been shown to be true. I see that our customers come to us with their problems and that we can provide them with extremely high-level technical solutions. We take the tools that best suit the problem and ensure that we solve the problem in a scalable way. I am proud that we can almost always solve these problems with Open Source software and that we can also contribute to the Open Source Community ourselves. With our contributions to products such as Proxmox, PowerDNS and Librenms, we help the software we use to get better. We can then use these improved products to serve our customers even better. I am also proud of the fact that we can provide our customers with knowledge and expertise about privacy and that we have all our services 100% in-house. Not a bit of our customers’ data stands[door ons toedoen] on servers of third parties and we are happy to pass on that vision. I hope to meet you soon!